post no. 136 -- Wednesday through Now


My iPhone arrived via Fedex.
Jack bolted for the highway and was successfully distracted in time. 
Jack was subsequently locked in "the box" for an hour. 
I brought Kris dinner on the ship. 
He was late to dinner. 


Kris texted me in the morning to say good bye.
Worked another typical day at the office. 
Came home to a semi-decent home.
Facetime'd with Justin.
Started feeling sick.  


Woke up not feeling any better, worse actually, foggy. 
Headed into work, only to sit there thinking about going home. 
Change of pace, worked as an assistant to boss' wife's insurance company.
Pretended to be a telemarketer. 
Deemed fearless. 
Still felt under the weather. 
Drove home early. 
Came home to destruction by way of Jack. 
Craved pasta, no milk for alfredo.
Used almond milk, tasted like s***.
Tried to go to sleep, stayed up until 11:15pm.  


Wishing Kristopher was home. 
Wishing I felt better. 
Fish, fish, I got my wish! April Fool's. 

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