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I have really been slacking, not going to lie. Apologies! Here is the post I intended on putting up yesterday.

So this week I have decided to change it up, instead of listing a ton of pictures and different things that inspire me, today I really just want to focus on one. Paper.

Paper?!?! You may ask, yes paper. Not just paper, but stationery. Note cards, post cards, all cards really. Here is a list of why I love it.

  1. Paper lets me be creative. -- From the initial design of the stationery, to the packaging, to the popping it in the mail to make someone's day brighter. I love the creative aspects of every process. 
  2. Paper is a part of everyone. -- It's 10:30AM. How many pieces of paper have you touched today? From faxes, to bills, to report cards, I bet you all have touched several pieces of paper already just today. Cards really do brighten peoples days, and I honestly believe in the power a card can bring. Whether it's grief, get well soon, or just a note to let someone know they are loved, I believe in the impact of a piece of paper. 
  3. Entrepreneurship -- Back in high school I got this crazy idea to start designing and selling stationery. As things got crazier with school and work, and well, life in general, things started to fall by the wayside with the "company". After relocating to Hawaii I honestly felt like something was missing. We had a spare room with nothing in it, so one day Kris and I decided to convert it into a bonafide studio. I unpacked all of my stamps, embossing tools, etc. and I was overwhelmed with a great big sense of happiness. Like someone was smacking my face with a pillow, "Hellooo!! Go for it!" So from there I decided to really give it a go. In the meantime, I've been planning like crazy to get the ball rolling. I don't know when I will officially declare Pea Paperie open for business... but it's coming! (Kind of like the iPhone for Verizon) More details will come soon. 
So that is my paper post. Just giving you all a little insight into my brain. I'm hoping to take a class maybe soon, and finish up a bunch of books I've started about business, etc. Who knows what the future is going to hold, but I'm excited to grab on! 

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