post no. 06 -- What Inspires Me Wednesdays

So last night I was hell bent on a mission to find things to blog about every day, for instance Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet has a posting every Tuesday about tattoos, where she includes a little survey along with pictures of the featured blogger's tattoos. So I figured the best time to start would be today, Wednesday! What Inspires Me Wednesdays will be a short little snippet of pictures that I have collected that did or do still inspire me. They might be related, or they might be completely random. 

Well let's get started!

Poolga: Poolga is a website that offers artful wallpapers for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Growing up in an art community meant never having to search for the art around you. When I moved away from home last June, I needed a site to go and be my museum for the day. Poolga did that. Whether or not they intended to, the site and its artists give me a breath of fresh air.

Stained Glass Windows: I love stained glass windows!! They are so fabulously ornate. There is a Catholic church here in downtown Honolulu, with the most beautiful windows. It kind of makes me want to be Catholic just to sit in church on Sundays and stare at all the pictures. 

Vintage Weddings: Furthermore, vintage wedding rentals. I love airy, light, whimsical everything, so when it comes to combining those elements with a wedding... I practically pee my pants. TMI? No, good. Kristoph and I have already agreed on doing a vow renewal that is completely our own creation for our fifth wedding anniversary (2015!!) and you better believe it will have a vintage prairie inspired theme. 

Kyla Roma: Last but certainly not least, Miss Roma. She's actually a Mrs. but in my opinion she's way to cute to be anything other than a Miss. Kyla Roma has been blogging for a good chunk of time now about everything from crafts to marriage to starting something completely new. I wanted to just take a few minutes to write a little note to her. 

 Dear Miss Roma, You inspire me. I know you've never even heard of me before this point but I have been reading your blog for quite some time and you are truly an inspiration. The reason behind my New Year's Resolutions to damn the torpedo's and just be me, came as a result of reading your blog. I appreciate you taking the time to write. You never really understand who's life you've touched until they reach out and nudge you back. So this is me nudging away. 

"Even when a step toward a dream feels small, it’s still a step toward a dream- and they add up." -- Kyla Roma


  1. i also love miss roma's blog! she definitely is an inspiration!
    peace. love. create.
    your first follower :)

    stop by the garden if you have a chance:

  2. You should look up Harry Clark's stain glass windows. I am lucky here where I live to have access to a beautiful little church with four of his windows in it. They are fabulous. Stain glass windows are amazing.

  3. @victoria -- Thanks for following :) Cute blog!!

    @MaryKate -- I'm so jealous!! I'm glad there are other stained glass aficionados out there to share the love with ;)


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