post no. 15 -- What Inspires Me Wednesdays

These first two are from CherryBam.
I just love the quotes. 

Big cities: I love the city. Which is partially why I love this photo. I can't wait until Kris and I are able to get back home to California and find some loft in San Diego or Los Angeles (most likely SD). How I miss it so.

One piece bathing suits. Love. Kris will most likely tease me for forever on out for my lack of pigment on my stomach, but I don't care. They are cute, and I want one. 


Last but not least: My sister. Last night I got a call from my sister after she got out of class, just to check up on me and see how everything is going on my side of the world. Random phone calls like these are what reminds me of how much I love her. Like any family, we've all had our fair share of ups and downs. Being ten years apart, we never really got along growing up, as she was more of a parent than a sibling. Around the time I started to hit my teens, she started to progress in her modeling career booking gigs for Playboy and other agencies. Things blew up for her once she debuted on VH1, and despite challenges from the past, our family has remained a solid unit. She has and always will inspire me to be better and give my all.

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