how we got from here to there and back

once upon a time ashy met buzz. 
in an alley.
buzz had no hair, and ashy had cute freckles. 
ashy took a liking to buzz but ashy was involved with another. 
ashy and another went other ways.
and buzz went off and joined the navy. 
what a silly thing to do.

then late one night everything changed forever.

ashy and buzz began talking. 
well texting, then talking, then laughing, then talking again.
and that was the start of a long but distant relationship. 
that relationship led to a visit, then another,
then a wedding, then another. 
which began a marriage, 
to last a lifetime.

since then, ashy and buzz have moved to hawaii, buzz has brought a boxer to the airport, and their lives have changed forever. 

ashy started this blog in january of 2011 as a way to document their constantly evolving life. along the way they have made friends, had adventures, and loved the ride.

we are happy to see that you've found our little corner of the world, and hope that you enjoy every minute as much as we do!


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