post no. 354 -- booty drawers

buzz thinks i'm hilarious. even though he'll never admit it, i can hear his snickers in the other room when i say things like "it feels so good to be cleannnn" in the shower. speaking of snickers, yes, i am that girl who has been hoarding snickers from her boss' children's halloween bags for the last two days. no, i don't have shame, and quite frankly if given the opportunity, i think you very well would too.

in other news, are you feeling the western-ness of today's outfit? ok, ok, maybe it's not all that western but still. i'm loving the gingham. and buzz is loving my pants. he calls them my booty pants. because well... they're one of my few pants that accentuate my booty. and in the spirit of making booties bigger, you smell that? it's dinner! bye guys!


  1. Booty makes everything better. (Kind of like butter). :)
    Sweet and simple outfit!

  2. Oh I LOVE it! Those kind of pants always look so weird on me but you've inspired me to try 'em again!


  3. This look is fantastic. I'm loving those jeans, but pretty sure I wouldn't look quite as cute in them.


  4. i like those jeans. what brand are they??

  5. cute outfit! love the paints and i love your blog designs.


  6. They are LRG, Buzz and I went to a warehouse sale before we moved to Hawaii and these were the only thing I liked in a whole warehouse full of brightly colored apparel. :)

  7. Alas! Form fitting pants. You, my young one, are headed down the right path..


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