post no. 356 -- a skeleton key

you really should always trust your tattoo artist. the odds are that, unless you're in your friend's basement at seventeen getting a star that looks like a deformed sea creature, they know what they're doing. as always when i told cody at tattoolicious what i was thinking up for the latest addition to my sleeve {some sort of skull, skeleton key with neo-traditional roses all packaged together to go with the other sailor jerry style tattoos}, he brought back another design i fell in love with immediately. i always go through my initial phase of doubt, but then i smack myself a little and say would a ninja turtle lover aficionado ever steer me down the sewage path of evil and destruction? and the answer is never my friends, never. 

plus, you can always trust someone who loves pizza. 


  1. it's so pretty! i can't wait to get my next one :)

  2. LOVE it! I love skeleton keys. It's beautiful!

  3. Really pretty. Are you gonna ad colors ?
    Cant wait to see !
    I've start my arm aswell
    I did mandalas :)

  4. this turned out quite lovely :) will you be adding some color?

  5. Beautiful and bad ass all at the same time!


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