post no. 338 -- outfit post v. 9: curly cues and new shoes

dress: goodwill
belt: ross dress for less
shoes: vans - ross dress for less

over the weekend, last weekend that is, a new ross dress for less opened up within walking distance from my house. poor paycheck. after a night on the town with buzz, we decided to stop in for their grand opening on our walk home. in addition to a bear grylls style dog leash, coffee mug, and treats for the spoiled four legged bed hog, i found a new pair of shoes. oxfords! that match my leather belts perfectly! stoked much? i vote yes.

so anyways gang, i've been thinking all week what to pair them with, because contrary to popular belief, i have a hard time styling myself some most days. i even began to doubt my decision to purchase said leatherette oxfords. but after pulling this little red beauty out of my closet, i had a feeling this was going to be good.

{p.s.} i really tried hard this morning to curl my hair all 50's and such. i guess i'm still in that awkward-boy-mullet-can't-look-like-a-girl-haircut stage. so in the meantime, i settle for wispy bangs.

anddd in other news, i've had three random neighbors in our building comment on anne's beauty in the last 24 hours. which makes me want to frame her. but alas, school books must be purchased instead!


  1. Such a cute dress, digging on those shoes! :)

  2. Can I just be jealous that you are wearing that dress in that weather?

    It's cute!

  3. I love goodwill too. There are certainly some lovely finds there! :)

  4. love the outfit BUT also MUST mention how much I love the background! please dont tell me this is your backyard!

    Des, Mano y Metal living in Chicago, where there are no such trees (like those in your pics)


  5. I really love how loose and free the dress looks. Makes me want to twirl.

  6. you look super cute! Love the dress!! Makes me crave summertime!

    JeNeal @ Pieces of Luv


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