post no. 351 -- 30 for 30: the plan

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so here we go my pretties. my 30 for 30! you might be doing some math and thinking heyyy... you're two short! but i'm not, and you're quite the quick mathlete, but the truth is, i just got tired of taking pictures. shocking, i know, and decided to call it a wrap with 28, but the other two are 3/4 sleeve white and grey slub tops, so there. now you know. 

i chose not to include accessories {belts, and jewelry, and all that jazz} and under shirts, which i wear to make sure my ta-tas don't go gallivanting off to explore the free world. oh believe me, if given the chance, they will. 

anywhooo, i'm kinda early and all that, but i'm super excited to get this ball a rollin' on tuesday, and see what you all come up with for your 30 for 30 adventures!

and if you're really cool, and want to link up or something like that.... you can grab a button! 


  1. loooove your lace dress! good luck w/ the challenge! i SHOULD try it someday!

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  3. how cute, i'm stopping by from the follower fest and would love for you to stop by and checkout the huge giveaway going on at my blog- xoxo nicole

  4. How fun!!! I'm loving your blog!

    I'm loving your shoes! So adorable!

    Can't wait to follow up with the challenge! :)

    Your newest follower!

  5. You are brave to start the challenge! I have thought about it before because I am getting stuck in a teacher rut, but I think more of it has to do with...I really need to buy more dress pants and some tights haha :)

  6. What a great idea!! I'm visiting from followers follower!

  7. Looks like fun!! I've been wanting to try this out myself - maybe after the holidays I can organize it. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to following yours!

  8. Good luck with the 30 for 30 challenge!

    New follower from the Follower Fest!

    Hope you get a chance to stop by blog

  9. can't wait to see what outfits you come up with!


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