post no. 340 -- homestyle pizza {literally}

the awesome thing about being from a small town in california, is that when you find pizza chains, originally founded in your home town, other places {like hawaii}, it makes you feel like you're right back at home. 

last night we met up with some of our friends for a birthday pizza party at zpizza for one of buzz's old shipmates. and  let me just tell you, it really was like being back in laguna. buzz was a little disappointed that our california pizza did not include avocado, but really, when you're eating delicious gluten free hand tossed pizza... who cares about a lack of avocado? and paired with the pear gorgonzola salad. yummy!

after dinner, we headed back into town, and eventually up to our floor to hit the hay since buzz had to head to the ship early this morning for duty. {insert sad face here} so today should be a day full of cleaning and fun.. yeah right, since when is cleaning fun. 

in other news: i think last night officially marked the first night of fall. walking from the pizza parlor to the car across the street seemed like the coldest walk of my life {in hawaii}. don't laugh {you probably already are}, but i kept wishing i had brought a sweater. i even got to use our bum warmers in the jeep. yay!

well i hope your weekend was fantastic! have something special to share, leave a link and i'd love to check it out! 


  1. I am not laughing... 73 degrees seems cold when it never usually gets under 76. I get it. Have you gone home during the winter yet? It is SHOCKING how cold Southern California winters/springs/falls are after spending a few years in Hawaii.

  2. yummy yummy!!
    I had my wisdom teeth taken out this weekend so no solid foods for me :( so jealous of this delicious looking meal! I love pizza!

  3. Hmm. I have a zpizza across the way from my house and I still haven't been! I will go now just because you loved it! ;) I had a great weekend full of hiking and the FOO FIGHTERS! i am so in love with Dave Grohl! ;)

  4. that pizza looks yum!

    Yeah fall has hit here too..

  5. i love seat warmers! they are so, so great.
    and i'm jealous of how great this meal sounds. YUM. : )

  6. Mmm sounds delicious! I definitely laughed (just a little) at the mention of fall in Hawaii. It's also getting pretty cold up here in Canada although I don't have those lovely seat warmers! ;)


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