post no. 348 -- thank you

thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on last night's post. monday night i was up most of the night with horrible stomach pains and flu like symptoms. i ended up staying home yesterday and getting absolutely nothing done, and i think my ocd kicked in when i realized how messy my house was. being that buzz is still working nights, i had no one to help my frail exhausted little self {seeing as i haven't been able to eat much without wanting to yack...tmi?} clean up and i ended up over exerting myself leading to not one, but two meltdowns in search of the dust pan. 

that's all over now though thanks to a long nap this morning, an awesome husband, and a snickers. i'm still dealing with an off and on headache, but i've been feeling much better today, and can safely say i'll be back in action tomorrow. 

so thank you again for the pep talks, and sweet words, and overall support. you guys are the best!


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