post no. 349 -- it's the little things v. 8

waking up to breakfast sandwiches, prepared masterfully by our in house chef. 
mmkay gang, paprika on anything, is devine. 
dee. vine. 

having this hunk as that in house chef. 
and also professional sick day coach. 

my first ever root beer float. 
and let me just say this about that. 
you guys were holding out on me. 

sweet little love letters on the mirror. 
"know that the next 50+ years will be ours"
and then i watched up and bawled my eyes out. 
true story. 

studying my panties off.
and getting a big fat A on my exam. 
even though i missed one question, grumble grumble.
the only thing better would be a sticker. 
and only then by a small margin. 

how did your week shape up?

Aisle to Aloha


  1. Ashley-that sweet little love note is definitely a week brightener. Cherish your awesome man! Great job on your exam. I am supposed to be working on an assignment right now....cough, cough. Oh btw, it was due this past Monday. Can you say slacker? Have a great weekend!

  2. Mmm! My Mr. cooks, but he doesn't do breakfast sandwiches. Just might need to suggest it ... :)

  3. I wish I had my very own in house chef! Oh, wait... I'm the in house chef :) What a great week of little things :)

  4. Hope you're feeling better... the sandwhich, inquiring minds would like to know what else besides paprika? The love note, oh my. Swoony.
    Have a great week. You will love the faux candied apple.

  5. haha! "Studying my panties off". Made me laugh harder than I should have. Your husband looks so sweet :) Root beer floats... kinda meh for me. But good :)

  6. I look evil in that picture =\

  7. That sandwich looks so good! It makes me hungry even though I just had a bowl of creamy pumpkin oatmeal. Never mind, I shall make it for lunch. In approximately 5 minutes.

  8. Yay for school. Have a good weekend!

  9. aw - great post! First root beer float??? that's almost un-American. Yay for having a hunk that cooks! lucky you ;). We exchange love letters on the mirror too - glad to see others do that :). Oh, and studying your panties off? I literally laughed out loud. At work. then felt embarrassed to explain. haha!

  10. I can't believe you had never had a root beer float before, they're my favorite! I love that the ice cream gets crunchy in certain spots. Mmm...Now I'm craving one!

    It looks like you had a lovely week. :)

  11. Can your guy pass along tips to the rest of our guys??? That note was so sweet! AND he cooks?! You have a keeper!

  12. Hey Ashley!! I have been admiring your blog for days, and it's so nice to meet you! :) Thank you for your sweet comment...It truly made my day, and I'm looking forward to keeping in touch! :)


  13. I wish we still received STICKERS when we do well on exams. Wouldn't that rock?

  14. Woot! way to go on the A. :)

  15. first root beer float?! Ever!! Girrrrlll you been missing out :) Congrats on your A! Have a great weekend. I'm a brannd spanking new follower. Thanks for the comment on my The Little Things post!

  16. I agree with the above ladies, cah-razy that you haven't had a rb float yet. Glad that is crossed off the list. :) and curious little me wants to know what you're studying?


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