post no. 342 -- 30 days of outfits, coming soon!

let me give you all some background... monday buzz received word that they were switching up his schedule at work, which means instead of spending all night loafing around the house with me, he has to go work for that money! yesterday was our first try at the new schedule, and we failed big time. he, being the sweetheart he is, offered to pick me up after work and escort me home. wanting to sneak in as much time as possible, i suggested we make a bank date to go take care of our bills together since our bank is right next to the base. he was down, so i tagged along. the plan was for me to take the bus home {you know, since i'm such an awesome bus patron these days}. 

so all that went swell. we even picked up some mickey d's after we were finished. and then it came time for me to head home on the bus. thanks to my iphone, that was even a breeze. where we ran into trouble was after i got off the bus. there i was, standing in the middle of waikiki, about a block away from our building, when i realized buzz was still in possession of our house key and elevator fob. to quote homer simpson.... doh! frantically i called buzz... how to heck am i going to get in, you're not off till like 10pm! yack yack yack! and then in the midst of panic mode i realized, dude i'm in waikiki... i can go shopping! 

so that's what i did. and in the midst of shopping i came to terms with another epiphany. why don't i do an outfit challenge? so here we are, with me writing this background story, and pitching you all this not-so-original post idea, all thanks to a set of forgotten keys. 

so here's the plan... 
{originals here & here}

30 outfits, in 30 days, with 30 pieces of clothing
coming november 1, 2011

**i'm not including undershirts etc in this 30, because i love wearing tank tops little things to make my shirts more modest but that i wouldn't pair alone.

another thing...

**my 30 days might not be one right after the other, every single day. but i'm going to try. i don't want  things to get stale, but i think this would be a fun little adventure to try.

think i can do it? 
think you can to?

maybe we should have a little link up party for november! 
what do you think?


  1. Ooh la la! That would be awesome. Definitely do a linkage party :]

  2. I think you can do it! looking forward to reading about it! :D

  3. i love this idea!! i'm going to try and link up as much as possible. i've been in a major style rut and this would be great for some daily fashion inspiration.

  4. I'm always a fan of outfit posts. I've never been brave enough to do one myself... but, maybe this next month it's time for a challenge! :) I'll sleep on it before I commit. haha


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