post no. 341 -- winner winner chicken dinner

so this morning i woke up to this tweet from my best blogger gal pal tiffany.

at first i was like hold up... what in the world is this crazy lady talking about winner... then i was like ...wait a minute... could it be?!? so while i clung for life on the bus twisting and turning around the crazy streets of waikiki {schools back in session = no seats on the bus for the first few miles}, i managed to open safari up to danielle's blog where she had recently hosted a giveaway for a theit camera bag.

it was late one night when i entered, and i had seen these bags everywhere, so i was pretty stoked that d was offering such an awesome giveaway. i don't usually enter these things, but hey why not i thought.

well here we are a week later and....

winner winner chicken dinner!!
{can you tell i'm excited?} 


  1. Ooh, congrats on your win! What a *gorgeous* bag!

  2. wow, congrats!!! :D i'm so jealous..

  3. Cool grats! Great prize!

  4. YAY!!! This is so awesome! Congrats!! :)

  5. Yahoo!!! Congrats! I won a Gussy Sews giveaway a month or so ago, and was SHOCKED. Very exciting.

  6. I saw that you won and did a little squeel for you. Congrats!


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