post no. 345 -- meet mary

here's some pictures of the sketch i'm putting together for my right sidepiece. 
it's mary magdalene. in the form of a gypsy style tattoo. 
i would want her in color, but for now i think a sketch // outline will do. 
i was originally aiming for more traditional sailor jerry style gypsy, but i'm kind of digging this neo looking piece with a rose and banner and a mix up of block font/script styles.

i've wanted a saint and sinner tattoo for a while now and when i came across this quote:

every saint has a past
every sinner has a future

i want quite a few biblical tattoos, including some verses, and maybe even a rosary,
but this side piece has always been at the top of my list of tattoo to dos. 
i was in love with the quote, and couldn't wait to piece it together in tattoo format. 

well after a couple months of debating i've finally figured out how to put this little wonder together. 
now all i need is to pool some money together...

anywhoo i figured i'd post this just in case you were wondering what i've been up to tonight. 
other than waiting for buzz to get home from work. 
and to think he volunteered for this schedule. 



  1. Wow! Looks awesome! If I ever attempted to draw out one of my tattoos, it wouldn't be pretty :/

  2. Oh wow, this is stunning! You've got such an awesome talent (^_^)

  3. beautiful picture!! you are talented!

  4. I've always loved that quote, and your sketch is so great! It's going to look amazing! :D

  5. that's a beautiful tattoo piece, I can't wait to see it on!


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