post no. 334 -- my ears be sparklin'

so this weekend, in addition to be incredibly short, was also spent exercising our consumerism at ala moana shopping center. one new fedora, pop! collectible, and two piecered ears later, we headed over to barnes and noble to browse some books. what we found {not pictured} were these tim burton creations. one thing not too many people know about buzz and i, is that we're strangely addicted to comicon convention collectibles. see here

we're slowly building our army. just nerdy like that. 

check back tomorrow to see what a spazzy dog we have. trust me, you'll want to see that post. 


  1. I did a lot of shopping this weekend too. Can't wait to see your dog :-)

  2. Is it your first time piercing your ears?? You're so cute! Congrats! :)

  3. I pierced them before when I was in elementary school but I was a bit of a Tom Boy that didn't like cleanliness, so they got infected and I stopped wearing earrings... but I'm debating gauging them, so I needed to get them re-pierced..

    I was kind of a ninny about it... Buzz made fun of me.

  4. My hubs and I went to Comicon this year, so I understand the comicon collectible collecting thing. Have you been there?

    And where did you get that t-shirt - I know hubs would love it!

  5. New follower! :)

    Love that t-shirt

  6. @Elisse -- We haven't been! I want to go SOOOOO badly... every time I see pictures I get a little spazzy...

    And the shirt is from Hot Topic... if I was a guy I would totally shop there for all my fashion needs.


    @Jodi-- Welcome!! and thanks for following :)


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