post no. 383 -- i took the biggest suitcase

today marks the two day countdown to california. praise the lord. buzz and i dropped jack off at her puppy hotel yesterday afternoon and i'm pretty sure she didn't even stop to say bye. it's weird having the house to ourselves, but i'm pretty sure we're made some record packing time.

one more half day to freedom my dears. and in n out. oh the greasy goodness. i better start fasting.


  1. Yum! In and Out! I'm not the biggest fan of their fries, but I am convinced there is no better burger and shakes than there. Luckily we are about 30 minutes from the closest one, so we only get it as a sometimes treat... or else we'd be in trouble!

    Travel safe!

  2. Have fun! And pleeeeassseee eat a burger for me! I could go for some In-n-Out right now!

  3. Have fun and super safe travels to you and Buzz!


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