post no. 409 -- well

buzz and i just finished the most amazing pork burrito wraps. and i was too busy not breathing between bits to stop myself and snap some photos. these last few days we've been taking turns making dinner for each other, and tonight was my turn to whip something up. we've been making it a point to sit down and eat together, and being in the final weeks now of the deployment countdown i think it's more important than ever to create some memories to get us through the coming months. 

so now were curled up on the couch watching legally blonde, eating vanilla ice cream, and making the most of the time we have together.

here's to making memories!


  1. oooh recipe please! Glad you two are making the time to spend together... So important in times of deployment and not! ;)

  2. I am guilty of inhaling my treats before taking a picture, too. :) I watched Legally Blonde a couple weekends ago - I love Reese Witherspoon. I saw the sequel right after, I think it was on ABC Family. It wasn't bad, but how could you top the original?


  3. how fun that you take turns making dinner! i don't know if i could get my husband to do that.

  4. oh and pork burrito wraps sound amazing!!!


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