post no. 408 -- black like my soul, walls.

buzz and i have never really been huge fans of white walls. not to say that we hate them. we're just not exactly shelling out the big bucks in advertising promotions. so when we moved into our last place, the first thing on the agenda was to cover each nook and cranny with a splash of color. joy.

everything was dandy until it came time to move. by myself. paint everything back. by myself. and overall just hate life. you get the picture... 

so yaddah yaddah, we're in our apartment now, and loving it. but it's soo.... white. and bright. becuase of all the... light! so today while working at my other job pinterest, i casually brought up the idea to paint one of the two walls in the house black. and surprisingly (actually not that surprisingly) buzz thought it was a fabulous notion. so once i finally conclude on the direction of our home decor, the walls are going black! 

but in the meantime, i scheme... and share my findings with all of you!! so enjoy :) 



  1. I so wish i could go black in my house!! Love it.
    good luck!!

  2. LOVE this idea! We are in a rental house right now that is from the 50's...I'm talking about pink tiled bathroom and painted wood paneling 50's. yeah. I'm looking forward to the day we have our own place that'll be worth putting effort into making it our own :) Good luck with your project! Definitely share how it turns out!


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