post no. 402 -- it's the little things v. 10

this week has been a bit of a blur with buzz being gone. what i thought was going to be a long boring few days alone in the apartment has turned into a bit of a crazy week at work. we recently hired a new wedding planner to help take over some of the correspondence and clerical things, so lately i've been getting to the meat and bones of our marketing plans and completely revamping our websites. busy much?

despite the flurry of events that have been happening lately, it was nice to have some little things to be thankful for this week.

for starters, 
fresh avocados from the farmer's market
something about their creamy green goodness makes me feel instantly at home.
yum. yum. yum.

sailing the seven seas.
or at least the coast...
working for a charter company sure does have it's perks.
when i get to get out on the water it sure does tend to put things in a different perspective.

e-mails from buzz
especially ones letting me know he'll be home soon!

orchids really are one of the most beautiful flowers.
and certainly one of my favorite.
as much as hawaii took some getting used to,
it was worth it for all of the natural beauty we get to experience each and every day.

what are some things that made your week special?

Aisle to Aloha


  1. I love me some orchids too :). Glad you were able to sort out the good things in your busy week

  2. Your avocados look so delish! And the perks of your job, oh my! :)

  3. those avocados look amazing! i just had guacamole tonight, and now i want more! :)

  4. I wish I was sailing right now!

  5. Your photos are awesome, girl. those taquitos look amazing! Are they homemade? I used to make taquitos when I lived in Mexico but haven't made them in forever!

    Enjoy your weekend with your man! :) Thanks for linking up with me!

  6. AH. Love that photo of avocados. I could eat them on everything! Lol.

  7. Lovely photos! I love me some avocados. And orchids are one of my faves- beautiful!

  8. Oh, I love avocados! When I worked at a local market, I would get to take the soft ones home for free! I miss it.

    Hopping over from the Little Things link up. :)

  9. Those avocados look amazing. Yum! I love orchids!

  10. Avocados are heaven. And that looks amazing. Period.

  11. Yummy avocados! I wish we had a really good farmers market here in Alabama!


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