post no. 403 -- sunburns & sushi

it's kind of funny. just about every time i think about buying little random tid bits, they tend to show up on the side of the road in waikiki saving us a few bucks. our latest find were a pair of beach chairs last night on our walk with jack. after skipping over to inspect them, i had buzz lug them into to the elevators and up to safety. 

i was excited to try them out today, and after some back and forth with the weather this morning, buzz and i finally headed to the beach after a flash gordon 80s extravoganza. definitely a must watch if only for the costumes. from there we proceeded to burn. like a disco inferno, but better. err, redder... 

[when they tell you you can burn under overcast skies, you should listen. cause they ain't fibbin.]

so now we're sitting here, burned. eating yummy sushi, and watching netflix. and blending margaritas. because that's what you do when you're red like a cherry tomato.  


  1. Just looking at those pics makes me feel all warm! Even though its 14 degrees here right now ;-)

  2. it's been forever since i've had raw sushi and we're going tomorrow for vday! can't wait!


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