post no. 405 -- life lately

this weekend buzz's friend came down from base and the boys loaded up my little le putt for her trip to the service center of our local vespa dealer. remember back when this happened? well, we've been pretty lax about getting things fixed due to finances, and a new year means new priorities, err.. maybe just getting loose ends tied up before deployment... 

lately i've been hating the mobility, or lack there of, that comes with being a bus patron. so when i got a call yesterday saying that the parts were in and they could start service in two days, i practically happy danced through our entire apartment. 

so long story short, tomorrow afternoon, i get lil miss lucy le putt back. $1000, an oil change, and a good scrubbin' later, i'll be riding off in the sunset, never to set foot on the noisy bus again! 

so an afternoon at the beach with friends, a good cuddle with the spoiled puppy who's daddy bought her THE LARGEST bone, and a husband home on leave taking care of all the dirty dishes, leads  to one happy camper in this neck of the woods.

hope your week is going splendidly as well! 

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