post no. 387 -- merry christmas.. err new years?

this year {or last .. } we decided to skip christmas kinda. we were leaving a few days after, so we thought it easier to not mess with the fuss of taking down decorations and throwing out a tree. we had arranged with our family to have christmas on new year's eve instead. so after many hours of picking out just the right gifts, rearranging them in our luggage to fit, and then re-rearranging them to avoid $200 baggage fees, we made it home for the celebration. and celebrate we did. 

i didn't get as many pictures as i'd have liked, but i guess that's the trade off when you're around the people you love. 

after a year and a half of not seeing our family and friends, it was a little bit of mixed emotions, but in a good way. you know, happy tears and all that jazz. the sort of stuff that makes you not want to leave. 

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