post no. 397 -- sometimes you just need reminding

i've been avoiding you guys for awhile now i'll admit it. things have been going topsy turvy at the apartment lately and the uncertainty of it all has got both buzz and i awake at night, groggy in the morning, and sluggishly pushing through our days.

this morning at 3am i was wide awake. awake enough to want to sleep but not tired enough to actually get there. i felt uncertain, not just about our apartment situation, but about buzz's impending deployment, the changes we will face this year, and how prepared i really am to handle more time alone. i started doubting myself, my choices, my path. is what i want really what we need? i layed there scrolling through my bible trying to find a verse that would just smack me in the face. an aha verse, to solve all my problems. well as much as i'd like to say i got ashley 1:31, hey kid, do this, this, and this, and your days will forever be sparkly and filled with rainbow unicorns; but i didn't/ instead i got psalms 9:10.

Those who know your name 
will trust in You, 
for you, LORD, 
have never forsaken those 
who seek you.

sometimes i just need some reminding. 

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  1. You hang in there, girl! God never puts us through something we can't handle. Hard to believe sometimes but with patience and prayer its always been shown to me that God knows my life story because He wrote it perfectly!


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