post no. 396 -- natutical-ness

i love that before i started dating, and eventually married, buzz i had absolutely no desires to get a tattoo. i was content in my little sushi free sheltered life, eating my turkey sandwiches, and never letting anything spicy touch my innocent little tongue.

and now look at me. i have more tattoo ideas in this little head of mine than i really know what to do with.

i've been branching out lately with the notion of starting a forearm sleeve on my right arm. i've been loving the idea of a sailor/nautical section of my arm seeing as for the past and next several years, the navy and the sea will be a huge part of our lives.

these tattoos have been inspiring me as i try to arrange 10 lbs. of flash on my scrawny little limbs. i'm not sure i'll be able to fit it all in there, but i love the compass pointing home, as well as a lighthouse and an old school mermaid. i'm still thinking of some verbiage to throw in the mix, but for now first things first. saving up for it. 

do you guys have any tattoos planned for 2012? 


  1. i'm planning a big piece too! that drawing of the ship is so pretty, and flowers always make it more feminine :) xo

  2. I know exactly what you mean...I was always kind of anti-tattoo until my husband suggested (when we were 19) that we should get a tattoo together. After that I was hooked. My husband has a clipper ship on his inner bicep and I have an SJ anchor on the back of my bicep - we grew up near the ocean so the whole "nautical" thing worked for us! I'm getting this piece tattooed next weekend - - I found it through that guy's Etsy, bought the print and fell in love with it :)

  3. I'm really partial to nautical tattoos because my boyfriend Harbor has an entire nautical-inspired sleeve. He's been tied to the water, the Florida coast and all things boating since (before) he was born, so it's really neat to see nautical tattoo flash while I catch up on blogs this evening.

    Good luck making your decision and saving all that money, too. :)

  4. These are really, really lovely (^_^) I'm hoping to get a tattoo *and* a piercing this year but 1) can't while I'm working at the place I work and 2) saving up for it is going to be a pain! Fingers crossed though!

  5. I've been itching to get another tattoo like whoa. This post is not helping. Haha. Good luck with your new one!

  6. I think a nautical-inspired sleeve would be awesome! The gal who cuts my hair has the most *beautiful* sleeves and I just stare in awe and wonder and it her gorgeous arms as she trims away. I have no plans for any new tattoos as I never got my first tat finished because I am a wimp. It is a floral design on my waist that was supposed to be colored but for now is just black. I am hoping to find the courage to go and get her finished in 2012. :) Cute blog btw! xo


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