post no. 386 -- 2011 in review

in january i decided to take the leap into blogging with my very own blog "pea blossom". i started a new job, made a couple resolutions, and documented very little. and when i did it was in pretty low resolution blackberry shots and isight captures. i also got tattoo'd for the very first time, twice. i talked a lot about my inspirations. kris also had hernia surgery and jack got her lady parts snipped.

in february kris' parents came to visit, we hosted a super bowl party, and i discussed my dreads. adn then i discussed them again. and then i chopped them all off! kris and i celebrated our very first valentine's day actually together. and i talked about wanting to move.

march came and went. we visited a few museums, and i made it to 100 posts! {chump change really} i did my very first {poorly lit} outfit post. and then another one. i talked for the first time about my opinions on being a navy wife and the future as a heavily tattooed parent. buzz and i celebrated our first year as a married couple and i talked about how we met. and we celebrated my birthday a bit early.

april was a great month, isn't it always? i gave you all a home tour. i posted more outfit posts, and they got a bit better. i turned twenty years old! and made some goals to check off before the big two-one. i wrote this after a phone conversation with my dad. i will never be an architect. i shared one of my best blogging buddies. buzz shot down a missile! and my best friend came to visit. i got this tattoo. and kris got this one. april is always the most amazing month of spring.

when may snuck onto the scene, i died a little when i saw this wedding. buzz and i got in a health kick. and made the executive decision to move. i drew a tattoo for a friend. and i showed you all the penthouse we wanted to move into. we signed the lease and i became a pinterest addict.

in june, i posted my very first vlog. i dyed my hair blonde, and then red. and decided to run a marathon... that lasted long. i let you guys tag along with me to work. and talked for the first time about faith, and the financial toll the move was taking on our lives. the stress of everything brought us closer though. when the move finally came around to happening, the devil and his minions came out as well. everything that could go wrong, did.

but the view made it worth it in july. i talked more about inspirations. and jack got into some trouble with the gorilla glue. i renamed the blog, in honor of our new address. and even started cooking more. i dove into some fashion inspirations. and went imaginary baby shopping. i gave you all a tour. and we took jack to the bark park for the very first time. i talked about being positive. and we went to the beach. i also drew a bunch. oh yeah, and i dyed my hair again.

right around august, i decided to redecorate. i noticed i had bangs. and wrote a little hello post. we soaked up the summer. and i did a little furniture diy. i talked about being organized. and took this picture in my favorite dress. i started offering blog designs. more outfit posts. i had you all meet my family. and then the happy plane we were all riding in crashed. this happened. and this is how i felt.  but things got better, and kris turned 25! i took you on a view of our bedroom. i started getting into documenting our life. and we went on lots of walks. i opened up some more about the thefts. and shared my latest tattoo idea.

september came along with some ships in port and sideline football tickets. alejandra sent me over a custom portrait. and i talked about insecurities. i linked up for the first time. and we kept on exploring. i did my second vlog. and we had a couple date nights. buzz and i celebrated our 18 month anniversary! i bought a dslr and shared another diy. and read a book that changed my life.

when october poked it's little head, we did some more exploring around the island. at twenty years old, i got my ears pierced. we took jack to the bark park and had some fun. i had some fun shooting outfits, a couple times. and decided to do a challenge. i won a THEIT bag. carved some pumpkins with friends. and spent a good chunk of time with buzz enjoying our warm fall.

in november i slowed down on blogging quite a bit. i tried really hard to do an outfit challenge series, but buzz's work schedule killed it. i got a new tattoo. and jack, well... she was here same old self. buzz went out to sea for a bit. and then came home. and for the first time since we've been married, we celebrated thanksgiving. buzz also made the most delicious turkey...  

by the time december hit, we were all too ready to head home for the holidays. but before we could get home, we got sick, i had finals, we had a christmas party to attend, and i had a christmas list to wish up. but after all that was over, we finally made it back to california, and it was all oh so worth it.

how was your 2011?

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  1. Love this post! I started following your blog toward the end of the year and missed all of the good posts in the beginning. Now that's solved. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


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