post no. 393 -- what a week, in review

well it's monday, and for most it's far from the end of the week. but still, i figured i'd share a glimpse into our world lately.

we got back from california late wednesday evening, and sure thing thursday i was back up at the crack of dawn, ready for work. jack had been spending her little stay-cation at her puppy hotel. that was hard. i've never been apart from the cuddle monster more than a night prior to this trip, so 18 days was kinda huge. but she made it. about 5 lbs. thinner from all the romping and stomping, but i'm sure she'll be gaining it all back this week from the lazy days we've been having. for the most part we've been laying low, working a lot, and enjoying our own space again.

speaking of own space... a loft makeover is in the mix. so are a big list of clean&organized resolutions. 2012 gang, let's do this! 

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  1. Such a great collection! :) Have i said your puppy is adorable?


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