post no. 395 -- all i need to know

yesterday was rough. we're talking put your sunglasses on while you're walking home in cloudy storm weather because you don't want people to see you bawling your eyes out, rough. to not hash up too much, it just feels like our little family has been put through the ringer since august. between car problems, and lost keys, and missed buses, and a whirl wind of other blunders, some days just seem to reeeeaaaaalllly take it out of you. {did you catch my emphasis on really?} yesterday was one of those days. but then buzz, being the total nerd he is quoted batman. the hour is always darkest before the dawn. because there is always hope, in every circumstance.

my mom used to tell us that when god puts something on your plate, he does it to show you what you're capable of. because at our core, we're all doubting thomas'. it's hard to have faith and trust that if we just ask him to, he'll handle it. we're so short sighted, i'm so short sighted sometimes thinking things are just too much. when in reality this is just a pebble on my path. all i have to do is ask for a hand, he's already there arms open.

it took getting angry, and upset, and crying the whole way home feeling bad for myself {i should of had some balloons for the pity party} to realize it'll be ok. he'll make it ok. and that's all i need to know.    


  1. OH so beautiful and so, so true! Hope your days ahead are brighter!

  2. Hope things get easier for you soon.


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