post no. 398 -- life & lately

just to prove we're still alive out here on this little rock of ours, here's a picture of us at the pro bowl block party from this weekend in waikiki. 

buzz and i have been on a workout craze lately, sweating it up, eating slightly less candy, and not cutting back at all on pop tart treats. well at least me. today is our break day seeing as last night we both got zero sleep. 

a pizza is currently baking in the oven, we're over here being total loafs, as well as planning our next step in a possible move situation involving our apartment building, landlord, and some very uncomfortable circumstances thanks to some serious negligence on his part. 

the drama for yo baby mama never ceases to amaze me on this island.
on the + side, le put (my vespa) is getting taken into the shop this weekend to finally get fixed.
woo hoo!

1 comment:

  1. Wow !
    I was already following you when you had your dreadlocks, then when you cut them off. and WOW you hair is so long now !
    I've cut mine again very short aha.


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