post no. 103 -- Ringless

So I've been waiting to post the news hoping that in the meantime I'd find it but alas, nothing. So here goes.

Friday night we had a couple of our friends over, and by our friends, I mean Kris' friends, for drinks and such. I, in my true housewife on the weekends manner, started baking goods. That's when it happened. I got Crisco all over my wedding rings. Naturally I took them off, and Kris decided to wash them. I have no idea what happened after he washed them, but ever since they've been no where to be found... Go team!

Just cause I lost my ring, doesn't mean I lost my rock!

The comical part: Kris and I have been through 5 rings together. From lost, to stolen, to whatever, we pretty much have the worst luck. Hey that actually goes with March! Anyways, Kris and I discussed it over dinner, and will probably be out on the ring market again after his little week long deployment that's coming up shortly.

I have some big plans coming up this week related to military life and the regular world, so definitely stay tuned. However, those big plans require some big rest, so I'm off to bed.

Goodnight blogoverse!


  1. SHUT UP, I've been talking to my husband about doing this forever! (neither of us are ring people).

  2. Talking about losing your rings?!? :P


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