post no. 97 -- Friday Fun Day

Hi again gang! First off I would like to welcome all the new followers, readers, and everyday passersby. Passersby sounds weird, but I looked it up and it's a word, go me! I would like to encourage you all to check back regularly as I like to try and keep things fun and fresh around here. Feel free to comment, give your opinion about a subject, rant, rave, give a thumbs up, or even shoot me an e-mail to say hello.

Kris had more work done to his arm this afternoon. I was home with a bad flu bug all morning, but I managed to muster enough stamina to tag along to Waikiki. We both go to a shop called Tattoolicious, off the beatin' path from the tourists, that has a fun mix of artists that keep us laughing every time we walk through the doors. I'm so excited to get in there in another few weeks to get more of my sleeve finished up.

When we got home we had more of Kris' friends stop by and we all some great Mahi Tacos, masterfully prepared by Kris. I tried, and failed (not because of lack of talent, but due to no powdered sugar...) at making a rice krispy treat watermelon, complete with fondant. So far I just have reddish pink krispies hardening up in the kitchen. I will post pictures when I get everything all put together. In the meantime, if you guys want to get started on your own fun treats, I found the recipe here.


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