post no. 124 -- Matrimony Mondays v. 1

So as some of you know I plan weddings for a living. I currently work at a company, but once we leave the islands I plan on getting my name out there independently. In the meantime, I plan events on the side for friends and family just to get some independent experience, in addition to the destination crowd I handle at work. Last week I began planning my friend Veronica's wedding this summer and came up with some ideas, which in turn inspired me to start my new Monday series on the blog, Matrimony Mondays, where I would showcase some gorgeous weddings both old and new.

This week's Matrimony Monday is going to be based around a pretty unique trend that's been popping up in the wedding world recently, and that is alternative bouquets. Be it buttons, leaves, paper, or drawer handles, these funky bouquets seems to be quite the rage lately.

I also love the use of succulents in some south west weddings lately, being a Californian through and through, I love the mix of coastal elements and natural elegance. This should be a fun new series, so stay posted for weekly updates and highlights!

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