post no. 96 -- Double D: Duty and Destruction

Today is another duty day for the Pearsons. It seems like these are the only days I really get to myself. Jack is usually so depressed that Kris is no where to be found, that she does not really pester me for attention all that much. These are the days I can sit to myself, watch my nerd shows, and putz around the house decorating and such. Oh, and don't forget vacuum.

Jack has habits of wanting to merge the outdoors with the in, while Kris and I are gone during the day, or even for just an hour. We will come back to trash bags strewn throughout the living room, dirty hampers drug out and laid in, and muddy paws on my white bedsheets. Hell, by way of Boxer. She doesn't mind though, she quite enjoys creating havoc out of order, something I'm sure you will become surprisingly aware of when Jack starts her guest post series next week.

On that happy note, I think this is a suitable time to say goodnight, sweet dreams, and see you tomorrow.

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