post no. 112 -- Things I Want Thursdays

This week has been the typical: crazy and hectic, but so far I'm loving it (keeping in mind it's almost over). Kris and my big one year anniversary is coming up next Wednesday so in honor of that I have planned accordingly with today's Things I Want Thursdays.

I want to stay together 'til we're old and grey. 
In turn, I'll hug and kiss you every day. 

I want you to always love me, even when you're mad. 
In turn, I'll cheer you up even when you're sad.

I want you to hold me every night. 
In turn, I'll squeeze you back extra tight. 

I want you to think of me when we're apart. 
In turn, I'll remind you that you're always in my heart. 

I want us forever no matter what.
In turn, I'll give us my all, no if's and's or but's.

I love you Kristopher!
Looking forward to our year one and the many more to come.

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