post no. 128 -- Happy Birthday Early!

Happy Birthday to Me! From HUBS

For my 20th birthday, which isn't until April 9th, Kris bought me a cruiser! Kris and all of his friends love to longboard around town so naturally they thought to include me in their missions via bicycle. The bike is white and black and came with these awful tribal decals but I've been spray painting over them... and so far it looks great. Ultimate plans, are for a basket either on the back or front and a bell, obviously. Oh and a card flapper! I love that I feel like a kid again at 20 years old!

We had so much fun yesterday. We started at the NEX, where we picked up my bike, and then headed down to Chinatown. Parking was over $10, but it was worth it. We cruised up and down the streets, making children laugh, and adults wish they could be carefree again. We're not as carefree as we look, at least me, but still I had a blast. After an hour plus of watching Hawaii 5-0 filmings, playing around the palace, and touring the old mission cemeteries, we headed over to Murphy's on Merchant St. It's a great Irish Pub that serves Nachos, Irish Style, which they call Potato Skins, but are delish whatever they end up labeled as. Potatoes, Cheese, Sour Cream, Bacon, and Chives can never really steer you wrong. After that we ended up calling it a night and heading home to pass out. 

The more time I spend downtown the more I love it. Other than the lack of outdoor areas for Jack, and parking, I would totally move there in a heartbeat. We live in the suburbs now, but it's great to be able to head out all over the island and just have a good time with friends. 

I didn't snap any pictures of our afternoon adventure, but rest assured that this weekend, other than morning meetings for work, will be filled with beach and bike activities!

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