post no. 125 -- Ruche

I came across this great shop called Ruche a few days ago and I love everything about their collections. Feminine, flirty, yet something you can make a quick getaway in if need be. Think Anthropolgie, but affordable, they offer great quality pieces that can fit virtually every budget. Plus their look books... to die for.

Based out of my home grounds, Southern California, they advertise as "a modern boutique with a vintage touch", and that is exactly what they bring to the table. When I clicked the link to head over to their site I felt like I was stepping into a tea party. Needless to say I won't be waiting too long before placing my order, because they ship to Hawaii (and the rest of the world)!


  1. I came across this store the other night too...such beautiful clothing!! *swoon*

  2. That jeweled necklace is to DIE for! Gorgeous.

  3. I love pretty much everything they offer, I showed my husband and he was like "Well, we know where your paychecks are going..."


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