post no. 130 -- Oh What a Week

I'm curled up on the couch right now with clouds around us outside. Kris is asleep, Jack is asleep, and Ashy is doing laundry and looking up cute blogs.

Last night was spent riding around the heart of Waikiki and stopping off at the Sheraton to say hello to friends. This morning Kris and I set out on a clean house mission, as well as a redecorate and organize the bedroom mission. I think we did well. Our neighbor had a garage sale and we snagged an old TV for free and it works perfectly as a curled up in bed alternative to watching movies in the living room.

The remainder of today will most likely be spent just finishing up laundry and cleaning up Jack's messes before tomorrow we're back at work. Hopefully we can get it all done!

Oh What a Week...

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