post no. 121 -- Happy {Belated} Anniversary!!

So this morning Kris finally pulled back into port after over a week of being gone. He has duty all day today so will not be able to get home until tomorrow morning but I get to go bring him dinner tonight at the ship, along with a barrage of belated anniversary presents. I'm excited!

I will update everyone tomorrow with pictures from the event, but in the meantime take a look at this beauty I brought home yesterday.

I found this little one on the side of the road missing two of her wheels. So I stuck some cardboard underneath for a temporary fix until I can build some study legs to prop her up a bit more. I love it though, the perfect fit for our little living room. Now it actually feels like a living room, instead of a "sit in front of the TV and just stare" room.. I feel like we can play Pictionary and Scrabble and wait for it, have conversations with our guests! Needless to say, I'm excited. 

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