post no. 133 -- The Jack vs. Hyde Diaries v. 1

Hello all,

If you have not already heard all the fabulous things about me, now is your chance! My name is Jack. I am almost one years old, and I am big. I am an investigator of all of the best things. Like catching flies, and digging, and the itchies. My favorite colors are pink and I loves stuffingses and pulling it out of birds, and my toys. My least favorite holiday is Christmas so I try to kill all the ornaments I can before the next one.

This is me when I was little, I was so little I did not know how little I was.

Now I am big, I am almost one year old. For my birthday I want a big new bed that is red. The End.

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  1. hi jack! you are adorable :D [ i've got 3 of my own and one is a boxer mix <3 ]


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