post no. 129 -- Things I Want Thursdays, Sunday

I've been working on post no. 129 since Friday. Pathetic, I vote yes. It's sort of a trend here on the weekends, I just don't post. I know I should, I think about it every hour, yet I just don't. I apologize.

I've been pretty materialistic lately, as the birthday is coming up and I'm excited to get a fatty paycheck, and well... invest, sure that's a good word. As some of you know I've been in a toss up for an iPhone, more tattoos, DSLR, Marc Jacobs bag, etc. Well yesterday I ordered my iPhone, and am in the market for one more spoil... Part of me wants to finish my sleeve, but the ADD-Ashley wants a random 20th birthday tattoo. I've decided on a cupcake, but the placement boggles me, so I think I might just wait on that one.

Anyways, this Things I Want Thursday, is going to occur on a Sunday... because I can, mwahaha! Enjoy!

iPhone 4 for Verizon, Shopping Spree from Ruche, New Wedding Band, Finishing my Sleeve, At Least Outlining My Sleeve..., A Wig for Going Out, Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Aidan!

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