post no. 224 -- july inspirations

natural light since moving into the new place i have become more aware of the abundance of natural light around us, morning and afternoon alike. it's got me thinking about photo opportunities, outfit posts, and more. 

picnics in the park one thing i am loving the idea of is buzz and i getting together for picnics in the park. we have a golf course and giant park right next to our building and i've already started planning the menus. 

dresses and thrifting finds i can't wait to get out and explore the city a bit more now that we're right in the thick of it. having summer 24/7 is a great invitation for a wardrobe revamp and a great dress expedition. 

fashion blogging you guessed it, one major thing i am trying focus on this month is outfit posts and fashion blogging in general. 

feature posts also on my plate of to do's is cultivating ideas for feature posts, guest bloggers, etc. 

planning for plans i want to get a lot of my ideas down on paper, so this month i am going to focus on writing down my plans in a notebook/journal and keep track of my time in my planner. also, creating meal plans, and long term goals.

what are you plans for this month?


  1. My goals for the month include all 3 of yours! I hope you find some great shops in your area! This past year my friend and I discovered a GREAT vintage/thrift store in our town, it's chalk full of goodies--almost overwhelmingly so.

  2. awesome!! i'm on the hunt for some awesome stores other than goodwill, i tend to have pretty good luck finding little treasures so hopefully my luck doesn't dry up!!

  3. great list! i haven't made plans for this month yet but you might also want to try savers. and if you have a car, maybe trying different ones around the island as some tend to be more popular than others!

  4. i heard that savers is pretty awesome, i have yet to check it out though! it's now getting added to the to do list! thanks!!


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