post no. 236 -- not so domestic after all

remember when i said that the recipe yesterday looked super yummy? well... it did, but the version i made looked nothing like the picture. therefore... not so yummy. kris even ponied up the phrase "not your best" while he tried to slurp down what he could. hey for every amazing dish you make, there's bound to be one disaster. i think it was the sauce that might have done it in. i've never been all that great with homemade sauces.

the only thing i managed to do amazingly was boil the noodles. sad, but true. i don't even want to show you guys the sauce, cause i really hate how it looked. maybe one day i'll get this whole domestic thing down. 

house in shambles
dirty dishes in sink
unmade bed

well i'm off to work to make some money to pay off those ever constant bills. maybe i'll cook up a fantasy shopping list while i'm there... 

xo ash

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