post no. 237 -- dream home tour

buzz and i have been talking a lot about our future lately and where that puts us. ultimately we know that means southern california. we both grew up there and truthfully, i couldn't imagine starting a family anywhere else. 

naturally i turned to pinterest and the rest of the google images team when it came down to daydreaming about our future home, and so far this is what i've put together. 

coming from southern california, spanish revival and san juan mission makes my heart swoon. i can just picture driving up the driveway (in a white range rover *cough*) each afternoon bringing the babes home from a fun days adventure with friends and family.

i really love the contrast of dark wood floors with stark white furniture, however keeping it that white with jack and our future babies running about, may or may not be 100% doable. maybe just the master bedroom will be a white wonderland, out little peacefully pure retreat from the chaos of the rest of the world. 

this is all a long ways off (well maybe 2-3 years) but a girl can dream! do you have your future space planned out on your blog? link up i'd love to see what you all have come up with for your own retreats!!

xo, ashy

1 comment:

  1. That house... drool....

    I just put a couple white interiors on my blog too. Babies + boxers + white interiors= nightmare. Unfortunately.


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