post no. 254 -- another week without, in review.

kris is back!! these last few days have just zipped right along, and what do you know, the house didn't even burn down. i spent the majority of the week with my friend tawny doing just about everything from dying our hair to staying up til midnight talking about life. oh yes, on a side note... i died my hair. and i kind of look like wednesday from the addams family, but i'll get over it. here are some tidbits from the week, enjoy!

it's taking me a bit to get used to the intensity of the color, and my eyebrows... but i'm getting there. we were originally going for matching chocolate looks but ended up with black and purple. 

oh and yes, i feed jack happy meals. don't judge. 
hope you had a great week!

xo, ashy


  1. I LOVE vessel sinks. Is that in your house!? I covet! Also, I adore your hair. I wish I could wear a hairstyle like that, but I would just look like a boy. You look adorable :)

  2. I just came across your blog via TART and your boxer could be the twin of my boyfriend's boxer. They look so much alike!

  3. I also found you through TART.

    I love puppies sleeping on couches, so cute!

  4. @ Lori -- Yes, that is our TINYYYY Bathroom :P I'll do a house tour soon, but our apartment has like all of my dream house wishlist items, we have rain tiles in our shower too!!! LOL

    @ Jayda -- Awesome! I've seen a couple that look similar but none that are twins :) They all have their unique little looks I love it!

    @ Heather -- Aww, me too :P I think puppies are the best when they're sleeping... when they're awake it's wayyy too much chaos.


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