post no. 230 -- created in seven

just warning you guys... this is going to be a long one. 

after reading this blog post yesterday, and having been dealing with this whole issue of self-discovery, or self-figuring-out-what-makes-me-smile, if you will, for quite awhile now, i figured this time i'd really give it a go. as you might be able to tell with the blog lately, i am slowly but surely working to create a better sense of myself in html format. but why stop there? i guess the point of this post is to serve as a sort of launching point. a progressive mark to distinguish between the before and the after. over the next 30 days i am planning on a full self overhaul. sydney's post recommends a book called "daring to be yourself" by alexandra stoddard. it's currently in my shopping cart at barnes and noble and tonight it will switch over to purchased. this will be the first of many steps over the course of the next month to figure out me, or create me. 

this is my first official feature series since calling off the circus shows back in june; created in seven. i decided on created in seven, because i believe god created the world in seven days. and because i am no where near close to god, i will attempt to create a better appreciation for me in seven months.

ok great you're thinking. lah tea dah, for you figuring your life out. what does this have to do with us?!?

why i'm so glad you asked! sit down and i'll just tell you all about it. first off, i would like to invite you all to go on this little trip with me, because let's be honest, we all have no clue what we're doing. no matter how long you've been blogging, or how awesome your personal style, home style, the works, might be, we all could use a little insight into life, and what, besides our blood and guts and such, keeps our little hearts beating. 

one of the main focuses i'd like to take on this little journey is in fact style. what you like and what you don't is one of the major starting points when determining what makes up you. but there are so many other factors to us that deserve way more credit than just what clothes we wear and how our hair do gets did. purpose and positivity are two other little side streets i would like to take. appreciation is another. yes a large part is about creating yourself, distinguishing who you are from everyone else, but another HUGE part is realizing what integral pieces of your "it" life are already in place, just waiting for you to be thankful for them.

every week, in addition to starting and keeping a sketchbook journal for a hard copy version, i will be positing inspiration boards, fashion looks, blogger stalks, and more in attempts to gain a deeper sense of what i want to make out of my life. at the end of each month towards my seven month i will give a sort of recap of my progression and what i feel i have learned about myself and life.

if you'd like to participate feel free to join along, or share this button on your blog

Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.  ~Jonatan Mårtensson

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