post no. 243 -- taco tuesday

yesterday we had a little taste of home by way of tacos ricos, this small taco shop in kaimuki. i have not had that authentic of a mexican meal since actually living north of the border. what originally attracted us to this place was the vibrant graffiti styled art covering the building, and one bite into our meal we knew it was a great choice. 

it was a great pick me up after the last several days chained to our apartment trying to get over this cold. these last few days have been deathly hot here, and this morning, horribly rainy, so hopefully the weather will get out of this funk soon so we can head to the beach and turn these pasty pale buns of ours into bronzed perfection.


  1. Okay, I might need to try this place! I love Mexican food :)

  2. just don't get the carne asada, from what i gleamed from yelp... not all that tasty ;)


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