post no. 226 -- thankful for


this has been circulating around pinterest for a while now and i'm sure it's got a lot of people thinking, myself included. this morning on my walk with jack and my putt into work all i could think about was how tired i was. how much i didn't want to be up, alive, moving. then i started to think how lucky i was to be moving. how lucky we all are to wake up every morning. as i got into my office this morning i started to wonder, what if everything we complained about, that i was grumpy about, was turned instead into something to be thankful for.


so today, instead of thinking about all the negative that gets thrown at us in life, i'm focusing on the positive things in my little corner of the world to be thankful for.

today, i am thankful for a steady income while so many are without.
today, i am thankful for a roof over my head and windows that let the sunrise in.
today, i am thankful for a husband that loves me about as much as i love him. 
today, i am thankful for a little bit of a chest cold, because it let's me know i'm still breathing.
today, i am thankful to shop at thrift stores by choice, not because that's all we can afford. 
today, i am thankful for a full belly and full cupboards. 
today, i am thankful to have family, no matter how far away. 
today, i am thankful for life, in general, no strings attached. 


  1. What an amazing post! I needed this today! Thank you!

  2. I love this! i have it both 'pinned' onto my board too :)


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