post no. 228 -- the chronicles of jack

you know that phrase, when life gives you lemons? well what about when life gives you super glue? and a boxer? and a ruined leather sectional? what then? super glue-aide ain't that tasty on rainy summer days, let me tell you that much. 

one thing i have a hard time wrapping my head around is how in the world one smaller-than-most boxer can manage to create such larger-than-life wrecks throughout the house, and then get along like the victim. 

the last several hours have been spent pup and all, in my bathing suit, in the bathtub, soaking jack's fur in attempts to remove some of this caked on glue. the rest is left for dad, and by rest i mean all, as my attempts at soaking it out were quite unsuccessful. sheesh! for all those who say children are far more precocious than dogs, i beg to differ! if anything, children will be a walk in the park compared to our little brindle hellion. 

on the off chance that any of you have had such super glue + dog combos... any suggestions?
at this point, my frazzled self is up for trying anything!

oh yes, and now, she's crying.

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