post no. 251 -- it's funny.

it's funny how every now and then i forget. living away from base and the military, i forget kris is still a part of it. i forget that every now and then he leaves, and it's back to being on my own. every now and then even if it's a short now and then, still feels like forever if the time starts ticking by. hopefully this week won't. staying busy with work will help, and dr. appointments tomorrow might make everything seem like a breeze.

staying positive and remembering all i'm thankful for helps. this old post always helps me feel in better spirits. technology has made life so much easier, and even if he can only check his e-mail on occasion, it's better than what used to be the case, waiting for a barely legible handwritten letter, just to confirm they're still alive.

be thankful for the time you get to spend with your significant other, life's too short to not be.

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  1. yikes. i am glad you are managing to stay positive. i give you LOT of credit...


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