post no. 231 -- food comma

i wish i had more food photos {and in better quality, if only saving for my dslr would move along quicker!} to prove my point, that contrary to popular belief in our household, i can cook.

buzz and i are laying here in a bit of a food comma from the fried goodness that was our homemade coconut shrimp afternoon meal. think i can squeezing another adjective in that sentence? here's one, delicious. the new apartment has opened up a new world of possibilities for my adventurously chubby inner child. last night... well afternoon, i made homemade, well duh, cpk inspired greek pizza. best. meal. ever! complete with tzatziki sauce. mmmm. like i said, chubby child. when she's calling the shots, there's really nothing i can do to slow her down other than accidentally slice my finger whilst chopping vegetables. but even then, no one wins...

back to the point. food! something about this apartment! the light, the view, the openness of my kitchen to the rest of the house... i'm in love, and so is buzz. i can tell by his food comma snores. the awesome part is that it no longer seems like such a chore to prep our little meals together. having such an open environment really makes cooking, and taste testing in kris' case, a fun family affair. i say family because jack volunteers for taste tests whenever a moment presents itself.

i guess what i'm trying to say is, i'm full, and happy about being full, and craving more fullness!
cucumbers on the top shelf, watch out!

xo ash

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